Photo: R.M. Stitson (Windy afternoon, Sorrento, Vic.)

Update, 23 January 2018: COMING SOON! First edition of REVERIE, an anthology comic magazine. It will include "Tales of the Blue Sage", a comedy-western and retro-SF comic strip story, serialised in eight-page chapters. "Tales of the Blue Sage", written by myself and illustrated by Dave Dye! More details to follow as publication day approaches in February 2018.

Update, 3 June 2016: FREE DOWNLOAD! An education-based study guide on our comic book, Cut Down is now available for teachers and students. See "Cut Down" listed under "Site News".

Update, 6 May 2016: Due to current licensing arrangements at Frew Publishing, my CD-ROM of Vintage Australian Comic Books, featuring Frew's characters The Phantom Ranger, The Shadow, and Sir Falcon, are no longer available for purchase from this website.

Update, 16 March 2016: Cut Down comic book available NOW! Black comedy, the Twilight Zone, and a splattering of horror... See "Cut Down" listed under "Site News" on the menu.

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