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January 1903

*  'Our patriotic duty': Fight the enemy within, P.M. tells Australians (drought).
*  Britain claims right to send gun boats into the Dardanelles.
*  War clouds threaten in the Balkans.
*  Australian women and the right to vote (four pages of cartoons).
Roosevelt appoints first Afro-American to gov’t position: Outrage in the South.
*  Aeroplanes soon to be a reality, says Prof. Bell.
*  Bubonic plague hits W.A.
*  Pleas to free Lieut. Witton from jail (continuation of the Breaker  Morant story).
*  Slow cricket (letter to the editor of The Age, with cartoon).

March 1903

*  Capt. Scott faces grim hardship as Shackleton invalided out:  Discovery trapped in Antarctic pack ice.
*  Centenary of Australian newspapers (1803-1903).
*  Massacre in the Balkans. 
(And on the same page...) Telegraphy for British warships.
*  Families hit by drought.
*  Townsville hit by cyclone: Five typhoid patients killed.
*  White Australia laws attacked by steamship owner.
*  Kanakas in danger if repatriated to islands.
*  Cartoons from April 1903 on the vexed subject of Australian income tax.
Shamrock III disaster: Crew member drowned, Lipton injured (America's Cup yacht racing).

May 1903

*  King Alexander shot, Queen Draga bayonetted: Serbian royals murdered in Belgrade palace coup.
*  Jews killed in Russia: Police incite mob, refuse to save victims.
Black prisoner roasted to death by whites in U.S.A.
*  Car race stopped after 8 deaths.
*  Chinese cheap labour threat to Australian workers.
*  White Australia policy attacked in pamphlets.
*  Rainmaker claims to break drought.
*  Angry fans attack footy umpire.

July 1903

* Lynch mobs run wild in USA.
* Russian-Japanese war threat in Manchuria.
* Rise of Socialism in Germany.
* Balkans conflict worsening.
* Black labour banned on Australian gov't mail boats.
* White Australia cartoons.
* Advertisement for Jack London's new novel, The Call of the Wild.
* Report on where Australia's national capital might be built - uproar on "bush" sites.
* President Theodore Roosevelt's road rage.

September 1903

* Prime Minister Edmund Barton resigns - Alfred Deakin to take over.
* Slaughter in the Balkans.
* East Africa Zionist move. 
(And on same page...) Belgium denies charge of ill-treatment in the Congo.
* Women demand end to opium trade.
* Upper and lower houses of Parliament wrangle on site of new national  capital.
* Tasmania turns 100 years old.
* Advertisement for Arthur Conan Doyle's new book of short stories, The Adventures of Gerard.
* Child raised in chook yard - taken off mother and placed in Sydney benevolent asylum.
* England test cricket team sets sail for Australia.

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